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Annual Property Running Costs

Annual Property Running Costs in Turkey will vary in every district in Turkey. It depends on the property itself and location of it. For example, if you are in a luxury communal development in Bodrum then your cost would be higher than other locations in Turkey. We will explain average property costs in Fethiye as well as properties monthly maintenance costs in Kalkan, Fethiye Regions. You will also understand average monthly utility bills in Fethiye, Kalkan, Bodrum and Istanbul, amounts for the council tax in Turkey.

Annual Property Running Costs

Turkey has always been a very valuable bridge between and the East and West of the world. It is also known as an Asia Minor where you can find a typical mixed character of the Europeans and Asians here. This character is also effecting the day to day living costs, bureaucracy in the state offices and life style.

Council Taxes In Turkey

There are various advantageous when you won a property in Turkey. One of these main advantageous are the Council taxes in Turkey. If you own a villa in Fethiye your average yearly tax is going to be 0.2% of the property value. Lets calculate it for you; your property worth 100,000 Euros and this amount is declared when you purchased it. Your Council tax value then will be 100,000 x 0.02% = 200 Euros per annum. This amount is a monthly cost in many European Countries and you will still get the similar services from the local authority.

Is This Amount Similar In Other Parts Of Turkey?

Yes, it is exactly the same amount for the council tax calculations however, the maintenance charges may vary especially in Bodrum and Istanbul. All other utility bills are quite based on the usage, for example a standard Turkish family’s monthly electricity bill would be around 40-50 Euros in a 3 bedroom apartment. Water bills are around 20Euros while internet bills are around 15Euros, mobile phone contracts around 10 Euros.

Property maintenance fees are completely depending on the locations, types of accommodations and services provided by the developers, etc.

Do I Need To Pay Maintenance Fee Even If I Disagree With The Amount?

If you are living in any communal site with more than 4 units of properties then you might need to pay the agreed fees. This would only applies if there is a formed committee and yearly Annul General Meetings has been taken a place. Decisions would be taken by open voting system and appointments should be made transparently. If so, then yes, you would be enforced to make your equal share on a regular basis. We are happy to provide more depth information if you contact us.

What Is An Average Villa Maintenance Fee In Turkey?

In Fethiye, you would pay around 1,300 Euros for a villa maintenance for the private garden and swimming pool. This would cover a daily gardening and swimming pool care including chemicals. Cleaning fees for a 3 bedroom house would be around 60 Euros and 75 Euros for a 4 bedroom villa.

If you are in a communal site then your annual maintenance cost would be around 450 up to 650 Euros. However, you must also consider extra charges on some sites with the reception and security services.

Bodrum and Kalkan regions are more expensive than the Fethiye Region and we can only answer this if you know the development’s name and details of the services. We predict that these areas are around 25-30% more expensive than Fethiye.

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