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Buying Property In Turkey

You will find some very useful facts about buying a property in Turkey here. Our step by step complete guide to buying property in Turkey will help you prior to your decision. We will also mention some locations information so, you will find out the best places to buy Turkey properties. You can also find out if the foreigners can buy any properties in Turkey. Finding trustworthy reputable real estate agents in Turkey is also a key stage when you wish to buy a property in Turkey.

Buying Property In Turkey

It is possible that you are worrying about how to make things safe and right when you buy a property in Turkey. All of your life savings are the subject here. Making the right decision is not easy unless you have the right tools and advisors around you. This is where you may find this information useful.

You would know how to buy a property in your home country and you may think that it should also be quite similar in Turkey too, however it is not that simple. Although there are some similarities, the property purchase procedure is completely different here, especially if you are not a Turkish Citizen.

Finding Good Real Estate Agents In Turkey

Keyholders Fethiye is a reputable and licensed real estate agency operating in South West Turkey since 2011. We specialise in selling properties to foreign nationals as well as local property hunters. As always, we go through the whole process with our customers and there are no uncertainties or grey areas left.


We ensure that the title deed (tapu) is secured for you, as well as you being registered with the local authorities and all utility providers. Our after sales team will continue to support you until you are confident and no longer require this service from us, with no limit of time.


Our former clients can confirm that we always listen to you and try to understand your needs first. We recommend you to choose the right location for your needs and lifestyle, also make sure that you have the right budget for your chosen property. We have various location information links in our website and we recommend you to read thoroughly so you can be clearer and better informed about the various regions in Turkey.

Take Some Notes

You will possibly check many other websites and social media during your property and location search in Turkey. We strongly recommend you to take key notes so you can revise your decision prior to your property purchase. Be aware that there will be numbers of contradicting information especially on the social media platforms and do not hesitate to double check with us if there is any information you need confirmed.

Social Media Feedbacks

While we would not advise you to completely disregard recommendations on the social media groups, we would advise you to be discerning and understand that among the genuine recommendations, there are also those recommendations that are commercially sponsored.

Property Lawyers In Turkey

Our best advice is to use an independent property lawyer / solicitor and use a reputable independent real estate agent for your property search.

Our website has more articles for you and you can read these important blogs to understand all of the key facts about buying property in Turkey.

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