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Fethiye Region Guide

Fethiye Region Guide aims to provide essential information about this beautiful town in Turkey. Fethiye is a bustling harbour town on the south-western coast of Turkey. This part of Turkey is commonly known as the Turquoise coast and if you visit Fethiye and The Turquoise Coast, you will see that it is aptly named. When you take in your first glimpse of the myriad shades of blue of the cool waters of the Mediterranean, you will be stunned by the beauty before you. Fethiye is also very popular for foreigners who wish to buy holiday villas in Turkey or beach apartments in Fethiye. You can find many properties for sale in Fethiye.

The nature, the history, the warm and friendly people, the food; the list is endless and people who visit Fethiye usually say they’ll be back and often choose to buy a second home here or even relocate permanently.

Fethiye Region Guide – Properties for sale in Fethiye
Fethiye Region Guide – Properties for sale in Fethiye

Fethiye Region Guide

Does Fethiye Have A Beach?

The region of Fethiye is served by many lovely beaches. Most people recognise the famous beach of Oludeniz (The Blue Lagoon) and Calis beach, which is famous for its breath-taking sunsets. However, these are just two of the beaches in the region and some of the lesser-known beaches, such as Kidrak beach, Katranci beach and Gemiler as well as those closer to Fethiye town on the Letoonia coast, offer a peaceful paradise during the week, although they tend to be a little busier with locals at the weekends and on school holidays. The area is full of wonderful history, beautiful beaches, small islands and hidden coves. If you take a boat trip from Oludeniz or Fethiye harbour, you will be amazed at the stunning natural beauty of this magical place.

Who Visits And Lives In Fethiye?

Fethiye is popular with many international tourists, predominantly the British but closely followed by visitors from mainland European countries such as Germany and Sweden and also, we have seen an increase in tourists from Middle East countries such as Kuwait. The area has a large all-year-round expat community living in Fethiye town as well as outlying suburbs such as Ovacik, Tasyaka, Deliktas and Calis. The slightly more rural areas of Yaniklar, Kemer and Uzumlu also have an active expat community. And, of course, we must not forget the local Turkish people who open their hearts to newcomers and the domestic tourists from other Turkish regions such as Istanbul and Ankara.

Is There A Shopping Centre In Fethiye?

Fethiye is well served by both large chain stores and local shops. Erasta alisveris merkezi is a mall where you can find Migros supermarket and many large stores such as Defacto and LCWaikiki as well as cafes and coffee shops such as Mado and Kahve Dunyasi. It also provides free parking and a place to get your car valeted while you browse. The town centre of Fethiye is full to the brim with independent local retailers, cafes and restaurants.

You can find everything from a shoe repairer to a designer handbag. It definitely has something for everyone. The Tuesday market is a perfect place to find a bargain and as well as being a great place to shop, it is a very authentic experience of a Turkish Pazar (bazaar). It’s situated in the centre of Fethiye, every Tuesday and is a very busy market. Here you can buy almost anything from locally grown fruit and vegetables to leather goods, clothes, linens and household items to dried herbs and spices.

The old town of Paspatur, however, is a different shopping experience altogether. Relax as you browse the authentic and modern mixed together in the covered alleyways and use your bartering skills as you negotiate the purchase of handmade rugs, ceramics, Turkish glass mosaic lamps, Turkish delight (locum) and an abundance of other traditional Turkish goods.

Does Fethiye Have Historic Sites?

Fethiye sits in the arms of so much history with many wonderful historic sites to explore. A visit to Kayakoy, famously known as the Ghost village, is a must. Some believe that this area is the subject of Louis de Bernieres wonderful book Birds Without Wings. It takes around 30 minutes on the local Dolmus from Fethiye to Kayakoy. Once there, there are many places to choose from if you want a bite to eat and although there is a small fee to enter the site of the Greek ruins, it’s worth it to see the fantastic sites of the old churches, school and around 500 abandoned houses.

When you have had enough exploring, you can nip into one of the many restaurants for some traditional Turkish food, a refreshing drink and a swim in one of their pools. Also consider a visit to the Lycian Rock Tombs, carved into the cliffs overlooking the bay of Fethiye. Be ready for an uphill climb but when you reach the top it’s well worth it, both to touch history carved by the hands of those long ago and for the amazing views over Fethiye town and the bay.

Where Can I Eat In Fethiye?

A lovely evening out can be had in Fethiye and this should definitely be on your to-do list when you visit to the area. Restaurants line the sea front almost all the way to the beginning of Calis beach and nothing can equal the tranquillity of sitting watching the sea from your table as you listen to the soft music in the background. Another popular place to dine is the local fish market in the centre of the town which is an experience you will never forget. T

he fish market is set in an enclosed square with stalls in the centre selling a huge variety of fish. You just choose your fish and then decide which of the restaurants you would like to eat in.  Once you’ve decided, the fish monger will prepare your fish ready to cook and it will be delivered to your table by the waiter, freshly cooked and served with salad, mixed Meze and fresh bread. The Turkish national drink of Raki is considered the drink of choice to accompany fish and if you’ve never heard of this, it’s rather like Pernod or Greek Ouzo but it’s usually mixed with water. It’s quite potent (often called lion’s milk) so drink cautiously.

How’s The Nightlife In Fethiye?

There is a small selection of clubs in Fethiye and most of Fethiye’s nightlife is found in the old town of Paspatur, with a selection bars and nightclubs situated together, mostly frequented by locals.  This area gets very busy later in the evening and you can enjoy the hustle bustle from the seating areas lining the small avenues and listen to live music playing, even perhaps enjoy dancing in one of the dance bars there.

Hisaronu is another popular place for nightlife, although more tourist orientated, with an array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The bars here tend to play more international music and you can catch a live music show, a drag show and even sing Karaoke. You can party here until the early hours and enjoy a good mix of Turkish and international music. It is not unknown for some famous DJ’s to grace Hisaronu with their presence and the area is well served with taxis so you can make your way back to base, even in the early hours.

Can I Enjoy Excursions From Fethiye?

Fethiye offers something for everyone. There are so many excursions on offer to suit all tastes from risk averse to most dare devil, that you might feel spoilt for choice. One of the most popular daily trips is the 12 Island boat trip which does what it says on the tin, a lovely boat trip around the various small islands surrounding Fethiye’s coastline. Boats leave from the Harbour around 10 am and sail around, making several stops at some of the secluded bays, where you can go off on foot to explore or just take a dip in the cool, clear waters.

It really is a great way to see much of Fethiye that you would not normally get to see and normally, lunch is included in the price of the trip, drinks being extra. You can take your family on a jeep safari which will allow you to see the area by road; very exciting if you like a fast adventure. There are companies who will take you on a longer excursion, involving overnight stays, to places like Pamukkale (cotton castle) and Ephesus (the ancient city), Aspendos (ancient amphitheatre). You can be a dare devil and try a tandem paraglide from Babadag (father mountain). Really, there is something for everyone.

Fethiye Region Guide

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