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Gocek Guide

Gocek guide is going to help you to understand where is Gocek, who lives there, what to do, properties for sale in Gocek, etc.

Where Is Gocek

Gocek is located on the coast between the harbour town of Fethiye and Dalaman airport in south-west Turkey. Just a comfortable 20 minutes drive from Dalaman Airport, it has quite a reputation for being one of the exclusive resorts in the Fethiye area and indeed in the whole of Turkey. Several up-market marinas, mooring many luxury yachts, can be found in Gocek. As well as this, you can find superb quality hotels, restaurants and bars in Gocek and if you like attending regattas, this is the place for you. The picturesque town is an important yachting destination on the Turkish Riviera, offering fantastic sailing experiences with quiet beaches and many hidden coves, many of which are only accessible by boat. It really is such a peaceful haven for famous and not so famous yacht owners to enjoy the privacy they seek on their summer seafaring tours.

What Can I Do In Gocek?

Gocek centre has a variety of traditional and international restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets and, in addition to this, the marinas provide some trendy bistro and cafe bars and waterfront restaurants catering for all types of guests and local residents too.

The small permanent population of property owners in Gocek is approximately 5000, however this greatly increases in the height of the season when the temperature often exceeds 40 degrees and also in winter when permanent residents enjoy the mild winter temperatures and gentle weather.

Gocek Guide

Daily tours are available from Gocek, with regular boat trips around the local islands. Sightseeing excursions around the Fethiye area, which are very popular with tourists, are plentiful and, if you like to take a dip in the therapeutic mud baths, trips to nearby Dalyan can be enjoyed from Gocek.

If you’re an adventure seeker, you can head off on a quad bike safari or try your hand at tandem paragliding from the summit of the famous Babadag Mountain, where you can fly through the air and land on Oludeniz beach; one the most photographed beaches in the world. After this James Bond style experience, you can just sit and relax with your wine as you wait for your nerves to settle again.


As one of the most luxurious districts on the Turkish Riviera, Gocek provides a great base from which to enjoy the traditional gulet cruises of Turkey in style. You can look forward to three nights and four days cruising around the coastline and sailing from Gocek means you will have the most professional experts and crew at your disposal.

How Do I Get To Gocek?

Getting to Gocek from the airport is extremely easy. A 15 minutes drive along the D400 from Dalaman airport will bring you to your destination. Antalya airport is approximately 3 hours away via D400 and D330. Both airports have extensive flight schedules from many countries.

If you want to travel like a local, catch a local bus from Gocek to Fethiye town centre where you can access the extensive nationwide bus services of Turkey. This is excellent value for money with regular routes and highly recommended if you are one of the people who likes to experience ‘real’ Turkish life.

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