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How To Apply For Turkish Citizenship

You will find some useful information here, if you are looking for the answers of how to obtain or apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Turkey originally introduced an obtaining citizenship programme for foreign investors in 2010. At that time, It required an investment of 1m USD in immovable assets but, since September 2018, this is now reduced to 250,000USD. In addition to this, there are other investment options rather than properties, such as depositing 500,000USD in an interest account in a Turkish Bank with no withdrawal it for a minimum of 3 years.

You may acquire Turkish Citizenship if you have met one of the requirements below;

  1. If you are investing 500,000USD in a Turkish Bank for a minimum of 3 years. You will not be able to withdraw this amount however, your interest shall accumulate and be added on to the account.
  2. Investing in a residential or commercial asset worth a minimum of 250,000USD and you will not be able to sell it for 3 years. However, although you are unable to sell it, you can use the property /properties including renting it out for an additional income. Certain rules apply and please find the details further down on this page.
  3. Investing in a business and employ at least 50 people for the minimum of 3 years.
  4. A foreign person who would acquire State debt securities amounting to at least 3m USD on the condition that this amount is kept for 3 years and where such acquisition is determined by the Under Secretariat of Treasury.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by investing in property – Key Facts.

Purchasing a property from a Turkish Citizen or a company worth 250,000USD. Intention of obtaining citizenship must be declared on the day of your property purchase.

All payment must be transferred via bank in Turkey and the property valuation must be carried out by a licensed property surveyor.

The property must be kept for minimum of 3 years.


Application form called VAT-4 and it can be found in the ministry’s website;

2 biometric passport photographs, background must be white.

Applicant’s current passport, similar document, if the person is stateless then a related statutory document provided.

Certificate of your current status, marriage certificate if you are married, separation deed if divorced, if you are widowed, death certificate of spouse.

Birth certificates or identity of the applicants, if married, identity register copy showing the current status of the spouse and dependant children.

A proof of your payments related to your investment for the citizenship application in Turkey.

Step by Step the Citizenship Application

The first step is finding the right property for you, if all the paperwork is in place and make sure that your future property is currently owned by a Turkish Citizen. However, it is also important to remember, these Turkish owners mustn’t have purchased the property from a foreign citizen within the past 3 years.

If so, then get the valuation report via a licensed surveyor,

Set a property purchase day and make sure that all payments are done via a Turkish Bank in Turkey.

Your lawyer / solicitor to make the relevant declarations with the Land Registry Office on the day of your property purchase.

VAT-4 form to be completed and application must be made in person at this stage.

You must also apply for the residency permit at the same time,

If you are unable to stay in Turkey any longer, your lawyer can act on your behalf with the relevant Power of Attorney (POA).

How long would Turkish Citizenship Application take?

It depends on your country who has to provide the final clearance documents for you and your family. Keyholders Fethiye has facilitated numbers of successful applications and we are happy to share our former clients’ waiting times with you. Please note that this is not a definite answer to your question because every case differs, however, it may help you.

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