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Kalkan | Kas Guide

Kalkan and Kas are located between Antalya City and Fethiye on the Southern Mediterranean Coasts of Turkey. These two attractive holiday resorts have also become a very popular holiday home buying destinations for foreign nationals.

Kas is the main town and Kalkan is actually a district of Kas Town. Kalkan used to be a town too however, this changed in 2018 due to the significant changes of the Metropolitan City Council system introduced in Turkey.

Both Kas & Kalkan are popular. With panoramic sea view properties and small, private beach clubs, these towns are naturally on elevated land which allows fabulous, uninterrupted sea and mountain views.

Does The New Status Make Any Difference To Locals And Tourists?

Yes, it has made some differences for locals as they now have to go to Kas Town to address their state and local authority related works and issues. However, all aspects of municipal liife can be addressed there and the population have now become accustomed to this.

It does not make any difference to the tourist in Kalkan and the tourist industry there carries on as before.

Are There Any Hospitals In Kalkan?

No, there are no hospitals in Kalkan however, there is a GP (General Practice) practice for the day to day health related issues or small emergencies. Kas has a state hospital for further examinations and it is only minutes driving distance from Kalkan.

Any Private Hospitals In Kalkan?

No, if you are looking for a private hospital then you need to travel to Fethiye. Fethiye Esnaf Hospital and Letoon Private Hospitals are the popular options. Kas also has a private cardiology and eye clinic (Ozel Kardiyoloji ve Goz Klinigi). A little further away, Antalya has all of the university hospitals if you have a more pressing need for a specialist.

Any Private Schools In Kalkan Or Kas?

There are no private schools in Kalkan or Kas. You can find a few private schools in Fethiye however, none of them are English spoken schools. Despite that, due to this region’s volume of English spoken families, most of these schools have English spoken teachers and management.

Where To Go For A Night Outs In Kalkan?

Kalkan is a very small holiday resort and all of the pubs, restaurants and bars are situated in an area known as The Old Town. You can find many popular world kitchens and quality restaurants here. The marina front has a few quality fish and Turkish Restaurants too. We are not related to any of these places and we can only recommend where we went and enjoyed on a regular basis.

In our own experience, the Aubergine, Korsan Meze & Fish, Coast Cafe are worth visiting. Bars are mainly situated on the pedestrianised streets and feel the atmosphere while you are walking there. We guess the most popular night club is Chocolate. It is an open air night club and easy to find near the beach.

Any Nice Beaches In Kalkan Or Kas?

Yes, you can use the Kalkan Public Beach and it is situated near the small marina. If you don’t mind traveling for a few minutes then you can find the beautiful Kaputas Beach or famous the Patara Beach. Patara Beach is around 17km long and perfect for the windsurfing.

Where Is The Nearest Airport In Kalkan – Kas?

There are two international airports near Kalkan and Kas. Antalya Airport is around 2.5 hours while the Dalaman is only 1.5 hours from Kalkan, 2 hours from Kas Town.

Can I Buy A Property In Kalkan?

Yes of course you can buy a property in Kalkan. It is not located near any military bases, hence all foreigners are able to purchase properties within the borderline of the town. Villages are limited for the property purchases and you can find more information about this in our other articles listed below. If you are thinking of buying a property in Islamlar or Uzumlu then you should seek some proper advice first. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Can I Buy A Property In Kas?

Your answer is yes and no; yes for the town centre and surrounding areas however, you cannot buy a property on the Kas Peninsula. There are a number of the property owners on this peninsula, so how does this happens then? This is because they are either Turkish or foreign owners who have bought the property under the name of a Turkish company. Therefore, as a private individual and a non Turkish national, you are not permitted to buy a property in the peninsula as it is too close to Meis Island.

Meis is a Greek Island and foreigners are not allowed to buy properties under their names within a close proximity to the Greek islands. If you love this peninsula and want to buy a property here then you may have to create a limited company in Turkey. More information is available here.

Can I Get A Good Rental Income From My Property In Kalkan – Kas?

Yes, it is possible that you can make around 7-8% net income from your properties in Kalkan and Kas. It depends on the quality and location of the property. Sea view is one of the most important criteria for this as well as the proximity to the local attractions.

Are There Any Banks In Kas & Kalkan?

Yes, you can find all of the major Turkish Banks in Kalkan. These banks are mainly, Isbank, Yapi Kredi Bank, QNB Finansbank, Halkbank, Ziraat Bank, Vakifbank (Only in Kas) and Denizbank.

Can I Get Mortgage For The A Kalkan Villa / Apartment From A Turkish Bank?

Yes you can but only Denizbank, Isbank and Garanti Bank are giving mortgages to non-Turkish citizens. They are mainly lending up to between 50 to 60% of the property value. If you are a British Citizen we can also help you to get a mortgage for a Turkish Property from a UK Bank. This means you can get mortgage around 80% of property value.

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