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Ovacik Guide

Ovacik Guide provides some useful information about this popular holiday resort in Turkey. This popular holiday destination is located between Oludeniz resort and Fethiye Town. There has been significant increase on the property market since the early 2,000s. This popular resort is attracting numbers of property investors because of the weather as well as the rentability opportunities. You will be able to search and find 100s of Villas, Apartments and Land for sale in Ovacik in our website.

Ovacik Guide

Ovacik is mainly occupied by British and West European nationals however, this has slightly changed since the Covid 19 Pandemic effected the world. There has been significant increases on the property market hence the property prices have increased more than 50% compared to 2019. 

Reduced mortgage interest rates had increased interest among Turkish property seekers in 2020. During the first year  of the Covid 19, many British home owners panic sold hence around 25% of the market ownership has shifted. This demand had also pushed up the land prices first, followed by brand new homes and second hand property prices. 

Where is Ovacik

Ovacik is only 2.5 miles away from Fethiye and just under 2 miles from Oludeniz Beach. It is completely merged with Hisaronu Holiday Resort.

Ovacik used to be a mountain village until the early 2000s and it is now a very vibrant holiday resort. 

The altitude of Ovacik is 438 meters from sea level and this is another reason why those investors are buying properties here. Unlike Fethiye, there is not much humidity during the summer months. 

Local Attractions in Ovacik

You can easily access one of the best known and popular beaches in Turkey. Oludeniz Beach hosts around 4 million tourists every year. In addition to this, people are coming to Ovacik to experience paragliding from the glorious Babadag Mountain. 

Oludeniz itself is a small commercial holiday resort situated in a national preserved park. There are only hotels, bars and cafes in Oludeniz whereas you can buy or rent holiday homes in Ovacik. It is possible that Ovacik has more hotels than the Oludeniz Holiday Resort hence, Ovacik is in everlasting demand. 

You can find various world cuisines as well as Turkish, American and British Style bars and pubs here. If you don’t mind using or wearing “genuine fake brands” then you may explore the shops too. 

This beautiful resort is close to many popular locations in this part of Turkey. You may travel to the Gorge (Saklikent), Faralya, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kalkan, Tlos and many historical ruins and museums too. 

Weather In Ovacik

As stated above Ovacik’s altitude is around 438 meters from sea level and is surrounded by high green mountains. Due to these reasons the weather is cooler during the summer months however, colder in winter. Despite this, it is a Mediterranean Village and the mild and warm weather is dominant throughout the year.

The Property Market In Ovacik

Ovacik properties are mainly villas, luxury homes, apartments and bungalows here. There are also a few sea view luxury properties available in this resort. Holiday properties market is very effective here hence, most of those properties have private or shared swimming pools. You can check and find out our available properties on our website

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