Properties For Sale in Manavgat

Properties For Sale in Manavgat

Villa For Sale in Manavgat

Properties For Sale in Manavgat, Turkey

We are here to provide all your property needs, from sales to rentals of all property types including villas, apartments, town houses and bungalows in the Manavgat area. With our extensive portfolio of properties you will be certain to find the perfect home in Manavgat to suit your needs. We can also market your house for sale or rent on your behalf. Our professional and experienced portfolio managers will ensure a swift result when seeking out the ideal property for you.

Properties For Sale in Manavgat

Professionally, we use the latest property marketing technology to ensure your experience with us will be easy and stress free. If you wish to stand out and work with true property professionals please feel welcome to come by our office for a coffee and the prospect of a long-lasting friendship.

Properties For Sale in Manavgat


Manavgat is the second largest town situated in  Antalya on the mediterranean coast in Turkey. Manavgat is close to the popular holiday resort of Side and welcomes tourists from all around the Antalya region to its wonderful waterfalls and river. The waterfall in Manavgat cascades over rocks creating a fascinating sight but can be completely hidden underwater in the winter months if there is heavy rain fall.

The Manavgat river is popular with rafting trips and flows into the sea at the local beach where you can take a dip in a mix of fresh and sea water. There are many villages within Manavgat, with such fertile lands the main idustry is agriculture.

When you buy a property with us you will also receive these below services.

+ Comprehensive Property Services including conveyancing and legal.

+ Property Improvement Services.

+ Long Term or Short Term Rental Services.

+ Personal Shopping for the property needs (if required).

+ Stress Free Buying or Selling Process.

+ Multi Lingual Sale Consultants based in the UK, Middle East, Russia and Turkey.

+ 100% Legal Properties Marketed and Sold in Turkey.

+ Assisting our clients on their residency applications in Turkey.

+ Assisting our clients on the property maintenance in Turkey, etc.