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Property After Sales Services

Property After Sales Services in Turkey is one of the important aspects of the purchase. Everyone wonders how to leave their home safe when they return to their country. You may not know where to go to find goods, reliable workmen, etc. This is where Keyholders Fethiye can be involved in catering to your needs in the Fethiye & Kalkan Regions.

Perhaps you have a brand new house or an apartment which needs to be furnished or a resale property that needs some improvement works. At Keyholders Fethiye we have a dedicated team who can sit in the driving seat with you and help you to manage this project. We are connected to all the most reliable tradesmen, suppliers and other contractors for your renovation work. If you wish to furnish your home then our team will take you to the various local and international furniture shops and make sure that your chosen items of furniture are purchased and fitted.

Property After Sales Services in Turkey
Property After Sales Services in Turkey

Maintenance & Holiday Rental Property Services

If you purchased your property as an investment and wish to make some rental income, then Keyholders Fethiye can also be there for you. We can manage your property, look after your pool, advertise it on many popular holiday rental websites for you. This would certainly bring a remarkable amount of an additional income.

What is the procedure for renting my property in Turkey?

We have to create a company in your name or we can rent it out from you and we register it as holiday rental property under our company. Local Police shall provide you a specific code where you can access the database where you need to register your guests names and contact details. You would also need to have an accountant who needs to declare your rental income on a monthly basis. Is it too much and worrying you? If so, we can handle it for you. Lets start chatting about it now and see what we can do for you.

Where to buy the best rental villas – apartments in Turkey?

It depends on your budget, we recommend you to consider Kalkan area for this type of investment. Kalkan has a very vibrant holiday homes rental market where you can make around 8 to 10% income during the summer months. We have a Kalkan – Kas Guide where you can find more information about this area. You may also wish to browse villas and apartments for sale in Kalkan to get some ideas about this location.

What about properties in Fethiye?

Fethiye is totally different from Kalkan & Kas Regions. It is more like a small city and life goes on all year round in Fethiye. We recommend you to consider Oludeniz Region (Ovacik – Hisaronu) for the holiday rental market. Calis Beach area is also worth considering however, there are specific locations in Calis where a property would bring an enhanced rental income. Your rental income is slightly less than Kalkan Region however, it depends on the location and property.

Fees for the rental property services

You can expect to pay around 15-20% service fees plus additional relevant charges for holiday rental management, depending on the level of service you require.

Think about it this way, you will have peace of mind and you will earn a net amount of rental income while a reliable company handles all of the detailed work for this. In addition to this, you will still be able to use your home around 4 weeks of the summer months.

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