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Ciftlik Village is only 1 mile distance from Calis, Fethiye. Although it is only a few minutes driving distance from Calis this place is not as popular as Calis or other districts of Fethiye. Due to this, it is a very ideal location to buy a nice quality villa for chepaer than 30% other locations in Fethiye.

Ciftlik located between Calis and Yaniklar Village. A very promising and growing location, ideal for investors and holiday makers who wish to buy a property in Turkey.

Ciftlik Village was not widely known by many newcomers to Fethiye but for those living in Fethiye long enough or from Fethiye, it is recognised as quite the desirable area. This location has become very popular since 2007 due to its easy accesibility from Fethiye and Calis as well as the land prices. The famous Calis Beach ends at Ciftlik hence,  residents are able to reach the beach and sea with a few minutes walking. Koca Calis is also part of this village however, many Fethiye residents think that Koca Calis is also a part of Calis.

In addition to this, Fethiye town has been spreading towards Ciftlik during the past 5 years. Since then, the property market in Ciftlik has increased by 20% already and we expect that there will be further increases during the next 5 years too.

Unlike Fethiye and Calis areas, there hasn’t been any remarkable  development work carried out in this area. So, it is not possible to find any bars, cafes etc in Ciftlik however, you can always find a few traditional Turkish Restaurants (Lokanta) with fantastic low prices.

Who lives in Ciftlik?

Ciftlik is a very small village with freehold villas and large gardens. Ciftlik Village houses owned by many different kinds of people including Turks, Brits, Dutch, Russians, Arabs and Germans. Although there are so many nationalities living in Ciftlik, most of the property owners are Turks and British Citizens.

What are the property prices in Ciftlik?

Land prices in this location start from 1,000 Turkish Liras for per square meters. Actually, this amount is higher than the resale property prices. It is possible to buy a 2 bedroom resale apartment from 55,000-60,000 English Pound (GBP). We use GBP for a resale property value as Turkish Lira has been fluctuating a lot and this is causing confusion in the market. In addition to this reason, a high number of British property seekers are influencing the market. This does not mean you can’t buy properties in Ciftlik Village with Euros, USD, Turkish Liras or any other valid currencies.

If you are looking for a villa, house or bungalow in this district, we also recommend you to buy a resale property rather than a brand new one. You may be able to find a 10 years old house / villa with a private pool from 120,000GBP in Ciftlik Village.

Our company is happy to advise further regarding this location when you contact us.