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Kalkan is possibly one of the best places to live in Turkey. Luxury holiday resort situated between Fethiye and Antalya which is in the South of Turkey.

Information about Kalkan

Kalkan is a town under the province of Antalya however, it is closer to Fethiye than it is to Antalya. This small protected holiday destination is popular with those seeking luxury properties in Turkey. This popular location is much like a large amphitheatre which offering generous seaviews from every angle. Because of this superb feature, Kalkan attracts many property seekers who are looking for seaview properties for sale in Turkey.

This location has become very popular since the late 1990s due to its easy accesibility from Dalaman and Antalya. Accessing Kalkan is easier via Dalaman International Airport rather than using Antalya Airport. It is a great holiday destination with its beautiful beaches, mountains and green forests. Unlike many other holiday destinations this place is alive all year round.

There are very popular beaches in Kalkan, for example Kaputas and famous Patara Beaches lie in this beautiful district.

Kalkan used to be a small town however, its status has changed since 2016 and it is now governed by Kas Town which is only 23 km distance from Kalkan.

Kas Town

Kas is also a part of Antalya Province and is a very old Turkish Town. Kas used to be a fishing town up until the late 1990s, however it is now home to a large luxury marina. There are also many luxury villas in Kas, Antalya. Most of those villas have fabulous seaviews and private swimming pools.

Kalkan Villas and Apartments

Kalkan offers significant quality properties for sale in Turkey. Almost every single villa and apartment comes with an impressive seaview. The town is quite small, hence it also gives freedom to the families who wish to walk rather than use cars, taxis, etc.

Rental Yield in Kalkan

Because of the quality villas & apartments in Kalkan, as well as super, safe entertainment and catering services, the property prices in this small district are always on the up. Many owners use international or local tour companies for renting their homes and those owners can often get their money back within 12-15 years from their rental incomes. Due to this, property prices are higher than in Fethiye Region.

Who lives in Kalkan?

Kalkan houses host many different kinds of people including Turks, Brits, Dutch, Russians, Arabs and Germans. Although there are many nationalities living in Kalkan, most of the property owners are Turks and British Citizens.

What are the property prices in Kalkan?

Land prices in this location start from 4,000 Turkish Liras per square meter. Actually, this amount is higher than some of the resale property prices. It is possible to buy a 3 bedroom resale apartment from 85,000-up to 150,000 English Pound (GBP). We use GBP for a resale property value as Turkish Lira fluctuates a lot and this is causing confusion in the market. In addition to this reason, a high number of British property hunters are influencing the market.

Apartments for sale in Kalkan mainly offer private swimming pools however, there are a few other alternatives if you prefer seaview apartments with shared swimming pools in Kalkan Turkey.

If you are looking for a villa, house or bungalow in Kalkan, we also recommend you to buy a resale property rather than a brand new one. You may be able to find a 10 years old house / villa with a private pool from 200,000 GBP in Kalkan.

Our company is happy to advise further regarding this location when you contact us.

Kisla Kalkan

Kisla is situated on the left hand (East) side of Kalkan. Kisla mainly offers villas in Kalkan rather than apartments. Most of those villas have superb seaviews, in fact, some of those villas may offer their own private swimming features as they are villas by the sea in Kalkan. Although there are mainly villas in Kisla, you may also notice several apartments for sale in Kisla as well.

Komurluk Kalkan

Komurluk is almost the St Trope of the region. This district is almost right next to Kalkan Marina and within a few minutes walking distance from the old town of Kalkan. Komurluk has many luxury villas for sale or rent in Kalkan Turkey. Some of the Komurluk Villas are by the sea and we are marketing these Kalkan villas for sale. Property prices in Komurluk are higher than other parts.

Old Town Kalkan

Old Town Kalkan is the center of this town where the main entertainment, shopping and catering facilities are located. Traditional white stone houses have been renovated and converted into the business premises in Old Town Kalkan. There are still several villas for sale in Old Town Kalkan. Our company also has a few business and boutique hotels for sale in Old Town Kalkan.

Ortaalan Kalkan

Ortaalan means the “middle area”, and indeed it is situated in the middle elevated part of Kalkan. Most of the properties were developed during the past 5 years, hence you can mainly find contemporary seaview villas for sale in Ortaalan Kalkan. Surprisingly, property prices are more affordable in this area.

Kalamar Kalkan

Kalamar is on the right handside (West) of Kalkan. The area is growing and being rejuvenated with many holiday homes. Kalamar has its own beach, cafes and restaurants however, it is only 10 minutes walking distance from Kalkan Old Town. It is mainly 3 or 4 bedroom villas for sale in Kalamar Kalkan and only a few apartments with 3 or 4 bedrooms available for sale or rent in this district.

Kiziltas Kalkan

Kiziltas is situated over the main road in Kalkan. This part of Kalkan offers panoramic sea view for both Kalkan and Kalamar Bays, however, although this spectacular seaview is on offer, property prices are surprisingly lower in Kiziltas Kalkan. Property hunters and investors may find their dream holiday homes in the Kiziltas District of Kalkan Turkey.

Our property advisors will explain the pros and cons for the each area in Kalkan during your viewings or telephone conversations.