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Resident Permits In Turkey

If you are thinking of moving to Turkey and don’t know how to obtain resident permits then please continue reading as this will help you. Resident Permits in Turkey Procedure, How to obtain a residence permit card, how much is the cost, do I need a healthcare in Turkey, Resident permits and work, Turkey work permits.

Resident Permits In Turkey

You don’t need to be an owner of a property for the residency permits. If you have an address, proof of income and passport then you are going to be able to achieve it.

Turkish Residence Permit Procedure

It depends on where you wish to live in Turkey. Some of the regions are extremely popular and busy, hence your first appointment and application process will take slightly longer than some other regions.

What About Fethiye?

Making your first appointment currently takes around 4 weeks in Fethiye. You will be asked to provide certain documents and receipts for the fees then you will be contacted by the foreigners bureau within 4 and 12 weeks.

What Documents Do You Need For The Application?

  • Proof of your address
  • Ownership or rental property document i.e. Tapu (Title Deed). (If you are an owner you will need to go to the Land Registry Office and obtain a valid Tapu Kaydi (Up to date ownership form)
  • If you are living in a rental property then your tenancy agreement must be notarised.
  • Your bank statement & proof of income.
  • Your health insurance in Turkey. (Over 65s are not required to provide this document)
  • Your original passport, not a photocopy – if your passport is not written with the Latin Languages then it must also be translated by a sworn interpreter and it must be notarised in Turkey.
  • a biometric passport  photograph
  • Proof of the Residency Permit fees. (Receipts from the tax office or your bank payment)
  • Proof of your regular & irregular income (these documents will only be required if the officials demand from you).
  • Proof of your marriage certificate for your spouse.
  • Proof of the birth certificates for the dependants in your family.

How Can I Extend My Residency Permit In Turkey?

You will still be required to provide above documents. If your passport is renewed then you would also be asked to provide the relevant pages of your previous passport. It means, you need to bring the proof of your previous residency permit page with you.

How Long Are The Residents Permits Allowing Foreigners To Live In Turkey?

You may be given 1 or 2 years with your first application. It depends on your passports expiry date, or the main reason for your application, or your health insurance expire day, or the rental agreement status.

If you are renewing your residency then you may ask for 3 years as long as you are complying with the above terms and conditions.

How Much Does A Turkish Residence Permit Cost?

For short term residency, costs are;

  • Residence Fee 484 Turkish Liras
  • Residency Card Fee 110 Turkish Liras
  • Visa Fee – 568 Turkish Liras

Please note that these fees are being updated at the end of each year.

Renewing Your Resident Permits In Turkey

In order to be qualified for renewing your residency you must have been residing in Turkey at least 6 months of the year.

Can I Become A Turkish Citizen Or Obtain A Permanent Residency Visa In Turkey?

Yes, you may be able to do this only if;

  • you have been able to renew your residency visa for the past 8 years in Turkey,
  • you have been residing for at least 9 months out of each calendar year during the past 8 years in Turkey.
  • you are able to prove your Turkish language skills during the verbal exam in Turkey.

Can I Work With My Residency Visa In Turkey?

No, it is only allowing you to reside in Turkey. If you are wishing to work then you need to apply for the work permit in Turkey, usually applied for via your employer.

Advantages Of The Residency Permits In Turkey

  • You can buy a car in Turkey
  • You don’t need to get another visa when you return back to Turkey
  • You can buy the Turkish TV packages, Internet and Mobile phone contracts in Turkey.

Can I Get Free Healthcare With My Residency In Turkey?

No, you should have a valid private health insurance cover or a SGK (National Health Care of Turkey) cover for this. However, you would be treated for free, if there is an emergency and if you are treated in a state hospital in Turkey. Please note that the private hospitals may charge you if you were taken into their hospitals.

Who Can Help Me / Us To Get A Residency Permit In Turkey?

We can certainly help you with your application, arranging your first appointment and the relevant paperwork related procedure. You would only need to contact us here.

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