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Turkey Guide

Turkey is one of the friendliest and most beautiful places on earth. Most people who visit, make a second and subsequent trip because they just couldn’t get enough of it the first time. Different people like different things, however, many people fall in love with Turkey for its stunning coastlines, fantastic weather and very reasonable property prices. Although religion is predominantly Muslim, Turkey is a secular state which means no one is under pressure to worship a particular god and this also means you can relax and soak up the atmosphere over a chilled glass of your favourite tipple.

Although Turkey caters for everyone, the most popular destinations include Istanbul for big city living, Bodrum for trendy people where the celebrities hang out, Yalikavak and Gocek Marinas for their luxury lifestyle. Fethiye offers value for money, Antalya offers stunning sandy beaches and Belek is famous for golfing.

Geographically, Turkey offers easy access to everyone in the world and in terms of investment potential. 5% of Turkey lies in Europe and 95% lies in Asia. All major airlines offer direct flights throughout the year and this has made the property market even more attractive for those dreaming of a holiday home, buy-to-let investors and ex-pats. For flight choices see EasyJet, British Airways, Jet2, Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines and many others.



The capital of Turkey (formal name: Republic of Turkey) is Ankara, although Istanbul is larger and more heavily populated. Turkey has a great reputation for its produce which ranges from hazelnuts (around 80% of the world’s hazelnuts come form Turkey) to textiles (many of your clothes and household linens may have been manufactured in Turkey) to buses (Turkey has a buoyant automotive industry) and much more. So, you can guarantee if you need something made, it can be made in Turkey. The agriculture of Turkey is also a huge bonus for this magnificent country. Having different climate zones means that Turkey is able to be a self-sufficient country and that is very unusual these days. Turkey is also steeped in history and is home to some of the most important churches and mosques in the world and, as if all this isn’t enough, Turkey boasts more than 4000 miles of stunning coastline, making it a sailor’s paradise.



Property buyers in Turkey come from all over the world and the incoming population includes Brits, Americans, Canadians, Europeans, buyers from the Middle East, Russia and just about any other country you can think of. For those wishing to retire to the sun, they can expect to enjoy modest day-to-day living and very generous interest rates on their Turkish savings accounts.

The property prices in Turkey mean that buying a home overseas is not simply a dream. By choosing to buy in Turkey, even on a modest budget you can realise your dream, with property prices starting from as little as £50,000. Regardless of your reasons for buying, there really is a home to suit every client.

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