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Turkey Property Purchase

You will find some useful information about Turkey Property Purchase here. We will touch important questions about the property buying procedure from beginning till the completion. Who can buy property in Turkey, what is the buying cost in Turkey, is it safe to buy a property in Turkey, do I need a lawyer in Turkey are some of these questions. We will also talk about stages of buying a property in Turkey, negotiations, Turkey property sales / purchase contracts, Turkey home reports, etc.

Turkey Property Purchase

Turkey has become such a popular place for the EU & UK citizens since early 2,000s. We must also add the citizens of the Middle East, South Africa and Russians since the Turkish Citizenship Programme was introduced. Istanbul is mainly attracting the Middle East investors whilst the Mediterranean Coasts are more desirable for the Europeans, Russians and Americans.

Most popular property locations are Istanbul, Bursa, Sapanca in Marmara Region and Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Dalyan, Antalya (Kas, Kalkan, Alanya, Belek, Side) in the Mediterranean Region.

Can I Buy A Property Anywhere In Turkey?

You can buy property / properties or land within the boundaries of the city municipalities and borough however, it is important to know these restrictions, you are excluded or limited to buy properties if,

  • The property is located on the agricultural land.
  • The property is located within the Military Zone (our properties are not in the military zones)
  • The property is too close to the Greek Islands on the Aegean and Mediterranean Coastal areas, for example, Kas Peninsula, Bitez in Bodrum.
  • The property is listed in a protected ancient ruin.

Property Buying Procedure

First Step

What sort of property do you wish to buy and what is your budget for it? This is the main question for anyone. There are many options in our websites as Keyholders International Property market properties in Istanbul Region as well as the Mediterranean Coast Regions. So, you can find brand new villas to apartments, penthouses to the resale homes in these regions. It is a good thing to compare our property prices between these locations then make your correct decision about it. Please visit our area guide to check these locations to find out the best locations to buy homes in Turkey.

Second Step

Once you find the right location and suitable properties in our websites, then let us know. Keyholders Property Group will organise your trip unless you are already in Turkey. We would make an appointment with you and owners of these properties then we carry out viewings with you.

If you are unable to visit these homes, we can also offer you a virtual viewing or a live video call from the property. We can also make an external and drone video shooting unless we have already made it and viewable in our websites.

Third Stage

This would follow up by the negotiation and drawing up a contract for you. This would be followed by t

he Property Survey Report also known as a Home Report. This report would show this property’s documents are correct and clean. This means you have the Habitation License and TAPU (Title Deed) ready for the transfer into your names. If everything is right, then we can arrange the payment conditions. We would hold your deposit or arrange a safe deposit scheme for you and sellers.

We would make sure that your tax numbers are obtained, and bank account/s is/are opened during your visit. If you are not in Turkey, then our UK solicitor can arrange Power of Attorney (POA) from the UK / all other European Buyers can also use the similar path and send us your POA.

our local branch sales consultants will make sure that you have an independent property lawyer in the region you are about to buy a property. Your lawyer will be responsible for his/her final property check with the deed office and council office. If s/he is also happy with this result, then we will arrange the deed transfer appointment with the local Deed Registry Office.

Please note that you are not required to get the permission for the Military Clearance since August 2018. This means the whole process may be completed within a week if your funds are ready.

Almost There…

It is almost the final, we are now in your local deed office for the final contract. If you are attending the Deed Office for this procedure, then we will organise a sworn interpreter who will translate these documents and the final contract you are about to sign. If you have chosen a solicitor then you don’t need it, your solicitor will complete the paperwork on your behalf.

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