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Turkish Mortgages For Foreigners

Turkish Mortgages for Foreigners are available for the Turkish properties however, terms and conditions maybe different than our own country. You will find the interest rates for the Turkish Mortgages, how to apply for Turkish mortgages as well as answer for these questions: Is it possible to get the Turkish mortgages in Liras or with the foreign currencies? How much deposit do I need for the Turkish Mortgages? List of documents for the mortgages.

Turkish Mortgages For Foreigners

If you are able to provide valid evidences of your current financial situation then you might be able to qualify for the mortgages in Turkey. It is also depending on your home country and relations with Turkey. Most of the EU Countries’ nationals, Americans, Canadians, British and Russian Citizens are able to obtain property loans in Turkey. In addition to this list, some of the Gulf Course countries as well as Jordanians are also eligible for the mortgages.

Mortgage Interest Rates In Turkey

It is depending on the currency you wish to borrow in Turkey. As of April, 2021 you can borrow up to 60% mortgages with 1.50% interest rate per month when you borrow it in Turkish Liras. You my also borrow Turkish mortgages in Euros, GBP, RUB and USD. Interest rate for Euros are 1.20% per month which is possibly more expensive than your country. Because of this, we recommend you to consider borrowing in Turkish Liras rather than foreign currencies. This is due to weak Turkish Liras against the major foreign currencies. We predict that only between and years your monthly instalments are going to be lower than 50% and you will be the winner.

If you think, it is not so affordable, then let us to assist you in your own country. This would only apply to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Let our consultants to explain how this may be possible.

How to apply for Turkish Mortgages?

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