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Uzumlu Guide

Information About Uzumlu

Uzumlu Guide will provide some useful information about this beautiful village near Fethiye. You will find some key information about life in Uzumlu, the property market in Uzumlu, information about weather, buying or selling properties in Uzumlu. You will also have some ideas about what to do, where to go in Uzumlu. In addition to this, you can read about Uzumlu Villas, Apartments, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants here.

It is a mountain village surrounded by the pine tree mountains and only 10 minutes away from Fethiye town centre. This village attracts numbers of foreigners and Turkish people who wish to own holiday home s, villas and apartments in Turkey. Not only for holiday properties, Uzumlu is also a popular place for an ideal property for the pensioners.

Uzumlu Properties

Life In Uzumlu

It is a very quite and safe village with traditional Turkish Village centre and properties. Uzumlu is a self sufficient location if you wish to buy local farmers vegetables, meat and other products. In fact, most of these food are organic and cost effective. Of course, you may travel to Fethiye town centre for the large supermarkets, some European food such as pork products, sauces, etc.

The village has 13 restaurants and cafes, 2 pubs in it. The Wine House and Eddy’s Pubs are offering meal, alcohol and music. Most of the restaurants are providing BBQ meat and mezes in Uzumlu.

Uzumlu Village Market is on Friday where you can get all sorts of vegetables, cheese, butter, fruit , eggs and even some meat. The market place is situated on the both sides of the canal near the centre. The village centre gets busier on Fridays.

The Property Market In Uzumlu

Uzumlu properties are mainly villas, stone houses and bungalows however, there are a few apartment blocks with shared swimming pools here. Because of the affordable land prices compare to Fethiye and surrounding districts, your money buy more in Uzumlu. You can check and find out our available properties in our website. Although the property prices have been increased since the Covid 19 outbreak, Uzumlu is still cheaper than other locations in Fethiye.

Weather In Uzumlu

Uzumlu’s altitude is around 500 meters from the sea level and surrounded by the high green mountains. Due to these reasons the weather is cooler during the summer months however, colder in winter. Despite this, it is a Mediterranean Village and the mild and warm weather is dominant throughout the year.

Do I Need Any Sort Of Heating In My Property In Uzumlu?

We think the answer is yes, you might be advised by some real estate agents or visitors that you do not need it however, it is not true. Although the winter is short here you would still need some sort of heating in your property in Uzumlu. It does not need to be a central heating or an underfloor heating however, air conditioners would not be able to give you comfortable living conditions especially between December and March.

What To Do In Uzumlu?

This village is only 11.5 miles away from Fethiye where you can travel on a daily basis. In addition to this, Uzumlu is also very close to Kalkan, Dalaman, Gocek even Marmaris. We recommend you to own a car if you are thinking of living in this beautiful village.

You can also visit the Roman ruins in Cadianda and Tlos. There are many mountain walk paths which is ideal for the people who wish to exercise a lot.

Incirkoy and Nif Villages are also nearby Uzumlu where you can explore more sophisticated Turkish life style in the area.

You would possibly own or share a swimming pool if you own a property in Uzumlu. This means you may enjoy the swimming pool with you, family and even with your friends. You would certainly notice barbecue gatherings on a regular basis in the village.

The Mushroom Festival In Uzumlu

If you are visiting this part of Turkey in April then you might have a chance to visit and join into the annual mushroom festival. It is managed by the local council and taking a place on every second weekend of April. This festival has been temporarily suspended during the Covid 19 pandemic and we hope that it would be restarted again by the April 2022.

Locals are collecting wild morel mushrooms and selling to the visitors. They all believe that these mushrooms are providing an antibiotic effect on some illnesses. According to one of the local counsellor, these mushrooms would even treat and speedily recover cuts in anyone’s hands and feet.

About Festival, it takes a place starting from a Friday afternoon until the Sunday evening. Fethiye Council provide mushroom soup for everyone first then Fethiye Music Band and some other live music activities continue until end of it. Local artists are selling their goods and showing their skills as well as farmers are selling their organic products.

There is also a food competition, marbling and painting exhibition and morel mushroom hunt events. We also recommend to taste farmers wines and if you like it then you can buy some however, you should double check your wine is the same one that you have just tasted.

Buying Or Selling A Property In Uzumlu

We can advise you to check our relevant guide regarding buying a property in Turkey. it is pretty simple and straightforward unless you wish to buy a land, green field or a forestry property. Villages are also under various specific rules for the foreigners, so you must be very careful before you purchase a property in these kinds of locations. Our consultants are more than happy to advice what you need and make sure that you are safe and legal at the end of this process.

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