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Villa For Sale In Kemer

Posted by admin on May 1, 2022

We are here to provide all your property needs, from sales to rentals of all property types including villas, apartments, town houses and bungalows in the Kemer area. With our extensive portfolio of properties you will be certain to find the perfect home in Kemer to suit your needs. We can also market your house for sale or rent on your behalf. Our professional and experienced portfolio managers will ensure a swift result when seeking out the ideal property for you.

Villa For Sale In Kemer

Professionally, we use the latest property marketing technology to ensure your experience with us will be easy and stress free. If you wish to stand out and work with true property professionals please feel welcome to come by our office for a coffee and the prospect of a long-lasting friendship.


Kemer is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Antalya on the mediterranean located on the skirts of the Taurus mountains. Kemer means ‘belt’ and is given its name because the river and walls running through it resembles a belt. The beach areas in Kemer are its main attraction for the sheer beauty and crystal waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Popular day trips from Kemer include the ancient Lycian city of Olympos with its tranquil beach, treehouse style accommodation and ancient ruins hidden beneath the overgrowth of the forest giving it a real mystical feel. The Chimaera mountain is also a local wonder with its everlasting flames giving inspiration for the Greek mythical legend of Bellerophon and the monster Chimera. There are evening trips to the eternal flames which are from natural gas jets from the mountain and have been burning for thousands of years.

Kemer is ultimately one of the most important towns in Antalya for its tourism industry bringing in thousands of tourists every year.

When You Buy A Property With Us You Will Also Receive These Below Services

+ Comprehensive Property Services including conveyancing and legal.

+ Property Improvement Services.

+ Long Term or Short Term Rental Services.

+ Personal Shopping for the property needs (if required).

+ Stress Free Buying or Selling Process.

+ Multi Lingual Sale Consultants based in the UK, Middle East, Russia and Turkey.

+ 100% Legal Properties Marketed and Sold in Turkey.

+ Assisting our clients on their residency applications in Turkey.

+ Assisting our clients on the property maintenance in Turkey, etc.

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