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Your budget may be a fixed amount or it might be flexible. Although, many of these prospective buyers are trying to fit into their budgets, it is not always possible. This is due to natural demand to buy the best property on your shortlist. Real estate agents in Fethiye or other regions will always test your limits by offering a way out of your range. This should not divert you towards these options unless you have the flexibility. You might be surprised with the outcome or some other finance options. We may help you to increase your budget with our mortgage advice service in Fethiye, or mortgages for Turkey, buy to let properties in Fethiye, Kalkan Regions. You may also consider Fethiye properties pay by installments, or renovations.

Your Budget

You can easily avoid exceeding your budget by sticking your shortlisted properties. You can certainly be assertive and sit on the driving seat during your viewing appointments. If you have some flexibility on your budget then you may decide whether you wish to expand your options or not.

How Can I Increase My Budget?

It depends on available and suitable options, you may consider these below options;

  • Available mortgages in Turkey for foreigners.
  • Mortgages available in the UK & some European Countries for Turkey
  • Pay by installments on some under construction properties
  • Buy to let properties where you can pay your outstanding balance with your holiday lets.
  • Buy an aged property and renovate it.

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